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How To Repress Coke With Acetone

To rerock coke is all powder you believe that if you put fuck all to do with it to repress you just need heavy weights to press the cut more detailed brown rock,How to repress coke with acetone.

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  • How To Convert 400gr Of Coca Tea To Cocaine Hip Forums

    Jun 27 2015 how to convert 400gr of coca tea to cocaine discussion in drug chemistry started by junibebe jun 13 2011 junibebe guest this is my first post and i am new to this forum quickly pour the acetone solution that contains the coke into the latter one acetonehclethanol

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  • How Does One Press Cocaine From Powder To Flake Quora

    Feb 19 2018 at home grind up the cocaine hcl put the coke in a coffee filter rinse thoroughly with 100 acetone nail polish remover squeeze the remaining liquid out and press the filter paper with the coke in it under a stack of heavy books until completely dry

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  • How To Test Purity Of My Cocaine The Pub Shroomery

    Jun 17 2009 basically you try to get the highest purity acetone you can find since cocaine is only water soluble not acetone soluble you drop your coke into an acetone solution the adulterants are most likely soluble to acetone so they will precipitate off and into the acetone thus leaving the coke

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  • Tek Various Cocaine Purification And Acetone Wash

    Jan 19 2005 purifying cocaine this method is to get most of the cut out of your coke that you buy off the streets it works well me and my friends usally buy a half oz of cocaine from are dealer and use this method all the time usally get back around 10grams of awsome coke from 14grams useing this extraction take a highball glass and fill it about an inch with straight acetone

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  • With Acetone Repress Cocaine How To

    May 10 2018 contents the environmental cocaine and heroin you sure you want international news and world substances actually multiplies the more careful analysis identifies major linkages between the environmental cocaine and heroin processors in order to repress the continued sensitive tubulingal80ts to repress gal4 and or treated topically with acetone alone or

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  • Acetone Cut Coke Grerghsd

    Acetone is often found in household nail polish remover repress coke acetone coke that is cut on usually briefly we asked in dec 2007 for the does acetone work to rerock pour fresh acetone into the beaker to gather any remaining crystals thats why were using with real unactive cut coke i had success with coke bottles 1 answer 1

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  • Does Coke Dissolve In Petroleum Products

    Does coke dissolve in petroleum products coke is usually an unwanted product and normally is produced as a by product from destruction of hydrocarbons during cracking processes

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  • Cocaine Help Page 4 Rollitup

    Aug 26 2008 get inositol powder can be found at any vitamin retailer make sure its pure inositol 99 or above acetone and high quality coke mix the inositol and coke at a ratio youre looking for make sure to grind into a fine powder add acetone a dropper at a time until you get a paste like consistency then press if you want then allow 1520 minutes for the acetone to evaporate out put it in the microwave at

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  • Stepbystep Guide To Cleaning Drains With Coke Amarco

    Cocacola will melt all of the residue thats stuck inside the pipes which will allow the water to rinse it off easily in the morning run how water for five to ten minutes directly down the drain the water should be hot because cocacola is full of sugar which makes this beverage very sticky so if you dont rinse the drain with very

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  • How Do U Rerock Coke

    How to rerock coke with acetone how do you re rock cocaine how to rerock coke with acetone he called it rerock goverment will ever do is replace it with a more socially accepted drug that yes they can make money off we want the cocaine dealers july 4 the single rule of three slow cooker chicken divan americas

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  • Tek Cocaine And Alcohol Recrystallization Alternative To

    Apr 26 2014 the hamster could get into the technicalities of why cocaine hcl is insoluble in acetone and soluble in other things like alcohol and water it has to do with the polar properties of the particular solvent but it is a bit more complicated than just polar and nonpolar

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  • How You Cut And Repress Cocaine With Acetone If It Is To

    Coke that is cut on usually a wholesale level that is usually cut with procaine or benzocaine and mixed with acetone that is pressed with a large press having to repress true feelings as a way to cope with life as youre expected to without rafter stuffy rlodex 3 hole

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  • Repress Cocaine With Acetone

    April 14 how you cut and repress cocaine with acetone if it had a strong cocaine odor it was cut heavily with ether the smell might have been acetone but it could have been benzene you dont want anybody can re rock some up with acetone and its going to be a solid chunk discourtesy

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  • How Do You Repress Cocaine Answers

    Nov 16 2011 repress v to restrain to keep or put down used in a sentence charlotte tried to repress all her negative thoughts she dwelled on so she could look on the bright side of life

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  • How To Clean Up Your Cocaine Rap Basement Message Board

    2 pour your crushed up coke into 4550 ml of acetone put the cap back onto your acetone bottle immediately to avoid any moisture getting in stir the solution for 35 minutes making sure to get around the bottom edges etc cover with small piece of paper or something to keep any moisture out and let settle until the cleaned cocaine crystals

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  • How To Clean Pennies With Acetone Our Pastimes

    Pennies are usually the dirtiest of the coins since they are often found lying on the ground where they can easily have been stepped on you should never clean collectible coins with acetone since this can damage the coins patina and decrease its value but regular everyday pennies can be thoroughly cleaned with acetone

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  • Has Anyone Ever Use Acetone To Wash Purify Cocaine

    Baking epsom salt removes the water from epsom salt adding it to acetone soaks up water again then filtering the acetone removes the epsom salt i dont know how efficiently it removes the epsom salt worth noting you shouldnt put very hot epsom salt into acetone so let it cool first

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  • Compress Rerock Cocaine

    Rerocking coke without acetone rerocking coke without acetone i am no drug dealer but i would like to know how they rerock cocaine you can clean it with acetone then i mix it with a little water and i december 9 acetone hydrolic press and last but not least a mold this you have to make bingo bango you have now cut and re rocked your cocaine

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  • How To Freebase Press Or Rerock Cocaine Party Vibe

    Aug 30 2006 then take a few car jacks applying appropriate pressure where you see fit the next day undo your doings and let it breath for a couple of hours and behold the buyer thinks he is buying uncut coke from or by you as it is in chunk form aka rock cooking coke in water and soda ammonia or ether will result in crack cocaine aka rock thats all folks

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  • How To Rerock Dope

    How to rerock dope meth does acetone work to rerock does acetone work to rerock rerock how to rerock dope meth it can still be rerocked to make it this sure looks like dealing if the heroin is in base how repress coke and make it rock hard to re rock coke re rock cocaine with acetone hard pressed guest learn more

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  • Rerocking Coke Without Acetone

    Acetone hydrolic press and last but not least a mold this you have to make bingo bango you have now cut and re rocked your cocaine pour a cup of acetone on it mix it and press it with your hand and let dry it will b no cocaine is not from a rock cocaine is from the leaves of the tropical coca

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